Monday, April 25, 2016

Post Marathon ...

Honestly...since finishing the Boston Marathon my life has been BUSY!!!  Monday night we went to the fabulous Abe & Louie's for a celebratory dinner with Laura and Julie:

The two of these girls are amazing!!  The positivity and energy they have is something special.  Thank you for the memories and laughs girls!!

And always having my parents and husband there to support, believe, and push me is priceless!  

We meet up with Dave, John, Jenn and Teresa at City Bar for a celebratory drink!  Cheers!!

My favorite part of the night was snuggling with my little beauty:

MMMM taste good!

The drive home Tuesday was not too bad at all.. I made sure to stretch and walk when we made a pit stop.  I could not wait to get home to see my boys!!!!   I missed them terribly and just wanted to squeeze them:

My "middle little" could not wait to get his hands on his baby sister but my oldest just wanted his momma!!  MELT MY HEART!!!

I had to go to work Tuesday night at 11pm ....SO no rest for me!  Work was crazy busy but I think this helped with my recovery!  I definitely wore my Feetures compression socks to run around our crazy unit!

I actually went for a short 2 mile run on Wednesday with my lacrosse team and was pleasantly surprised that everything felt pretty good!  My quads had been pretty sore on Tuesday morning but that all was gone by Wednesday!  I decided to run 3.1 miles on Thursday and then met my BFF to walk 3.5 miles with Collins!  Again...everything felt good!

Back to work...lacrosse then my middle little made his First Holy Communion on Saturday:


I went out yesterday to run with no real plan for distance or pace ... I wanted to take the baby with me but my jog stroller is NOT made for distance runners!  I have had the toughest time trying to maneuver it and find that it is more of a hazard to use!  It has definitely thrown off my gait and my right shoulder is not a fan of steering it!!  UGH!  Suggestions or recommendations are welcomed!!

So I laced up and went out solo ... 6.2 miles in 45:02    .... GO LEGS! 

Huge congrats goes out to all the Coastal Marathon/half marathon/9k finishers yesterday!!! HUGE congrats to all the Boston to Big Sur finishers!!!!

What jog strollers do you use or have you used??
How do you recover from a race?