Monday, April 4, 2016

Boston 2016!!

Well HELLO THERE blogging world!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know what I have been up to... but for those who do not follow, here is a quick update!  So we were blessed with our 3rd child back in October and we had a beautiful baby GIRL! 

And now she is approaching 6 months old!  SAY WHAT! The time has sure flown by!!  With my older boys school/sports/life schedules, a newborn, marathon training, working night shift, and coaching HS lacrosse ... blogging definitely took a back seat.  

Sooooo since the Boston Marathon is 2 weeks away I figured I should update my plan!  Training has been going well and adjusting to my crazy "mom of 3" life had been awesome....but I have to say I am nowhere near where I want to be for a PR race!  Training wise my runs have been pretty great, my pace isn't too far off from where I need to be but it has been a balancing act to try to fit in my long, long runs ( anything over 13 miles ).   I had a solid 22.5 miles last Saturday that felt amazing and I did it in 2:57:01 that time includes a 7 minute breastfeeding break ( hubby brought kids to park where I was running,  I hopped in fed the baby and ran right back out ).  Breastfeeding has been going great and luckily I have a great supply even with marathon training.  I have to be honest,  this was a huge concern for me and I was not willing to risk my milk supply or miss a feeding for a long run or a goal time!!  So I have accepted that this year Boston will be my comeback marathon but probably not a PR race for me! Will I finish?  I hope so.  Will I have fun?  Heck Yes!  Will I embrace the experience and seeing my fellow Oiselle runners?  Absolutely! 

There are a lot of factors that I am still worried about but I know once we get to Boylston Street it will all be worth it!

Who else is running Boston this year??

Are you where you want to be in your training?

Happy Running!

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