Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tough Decisions.....

AHHHH!  Being a parent and finding/keeping the balance is tough!  So.... MONTHS ago I signed up to go to my favorite Oiselle Bird Camp....I really was beyond excited for this day to come ever since I registered...Well, the past 3 days my anxiety level started to rise to the next level.  I thought I would be ready to leave my baby and my boys home and enjoy myself while running glorious mile after mile,  bonding with my amazing Oiselle sisters, and really just having the time of my life at Bird Camp!! But after many tears, many conversations with my peeps, and writing down my Pro's and Con's list .. I made the tough decision to stay home and be with my crew!  See ... today is the boys last day of school plus Collins turns 8 months old today:

Normally my oldest son says for me to go do things or he doesn't care if I miss a game .... but last night he begged me to be there for his BIG lacrosse tournament this weekend!!  How could I say no to that??  Also... I have full trust in my hubby and his parenting skills but to managing all 3 littles out at a lacrosse tournament over 2 hours away both Saturday & Sunday is a lot to handle!  Plus,  Collins still needs me and still does NOT like a bottle!! 

The breastfeeding alone was the biggest deciding factor....In my mind if I went and had to pumping 6-7 times a day, then store my milk, and worry if she would nurse when I got home a few days later gave me a TON of anxiety!!  I know my teammates would have supported me in ANY decision and would have helped me through the anxiety and stress but right now at this moment in life I feel my little crew here in Delaware needed me the most. 

I may cry a few more times and be uber jealous seeing all the pictures and fun ....but in my heart I know I did what was best for my family!  I am SOOOOOO excited for my fellow Delaware ( and ALL other states ) birds to experience this LIFE changing camp and cannot wait to get together with them when they get back to hear all about it!!!

Right now I am going to go snuggle my little girl with the windows open and listen to the wind blow!

Head Up Wings Out Campers!!

And a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Rebecca Trachsel and Ashley Fincher for their support and organizing of Bird Camp!!!!

Happy Running!

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