Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Phone Photo Dump

So the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of family and fun!  Here are a few pics off my phone from the past few weeks:
Treats from my amazing friend Lori Jo!!
 CHEERS to you and yours!

The BEST mom on earth!!

My happy boys!

Don't mind my pale / ill self... GI bug decided to visit and be my gift!

This has been my favorite gift and I seriously have been living in it!  Oiselle Hoodie is a MUST HAVE!

And 2 yes 2 huge cases of Troegs Mad Elf!

Beats by Dr. Dre were a hit!  Great job Santa ....

My girl Jen had on her Christmas gift this week!!!!!  Yup I want this too ... Boston Marathon 2014 fleece jacket!  Love the colors this year.

My mom gave me this as a stocking stuffer and I am hooked!  Coconut Butter = YUM!

Another delicious find ... Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Porter = AMAZING ... Seriously like an adult Reese PB beer!

Nana and David hit a homerun with these gifts!  Hat and beard combo plus headlamps.

LOVING my mug from my running wife!!!!!!!  I use it everyday!

Love that Oiselle puts stickers and pins in their packages!

Told ya ... I am living in this hoodie!

Today I traded in my Mizuno Wave Riders for some ice skates!

My first time ever and NO FALLS!!!!!!!  Success!  I am ready to learn to twirl now!  No kidding ... this is a great way to cross train.

Enjoying the Zamboni. 

We had a pretty amazing 2013 ... Lots of great times, many family memories, amazing races, awesome vacations, our health but we also had lots of challenges thrown our way .. I learned a lot about who I am and how strong I can be.  It is easy to be happy, cheerful and confident when things are EASY and going your way ... But when times are hard and life is challenging is when you can give up and say "I quit " or grow and become stronger!  I have chosen to be positive and focus on how blessed we are!

So here is to a great 2013 but looking forward to an even better 2014!! 

I also need to add in my workout today:  Started off in spin class but really wasn't feeling like I was getting the workout I was craving ( 13 miles in 35 minutes in spin class ) so I went to my happy place and got it all out there!  6.25 miles in 41 minutes ... that was with a 2 minute warm up pace of 8:19 also!  I NEEDED to end 2013 with that kind of run!


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