Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up..

This past week I am very pleased with my training...

Monday:  Stair Machine  55 mins/ 7 miles and a whole lot of sweat!!!!!!!  I wore my new Under Armour Monza sneaks....LOVE these for cross training!  I really like to save my Mizuno running shoes for JUST running so these UA sneakers are super light and flexible which is perfect for my cross training!  And I love the colors.

I followed up my stair marathon with some weight lifting and PT exercises.

Tuesday:  LSD run....I planned on this run outside but with 98% humidity and 90* I chose to do this one on the treadmill.  So my first 7 miles were at conversational pace while chatting with Angel...7 miles in 55:46..I drank some water popped a few Honey Stingers then continued on.  Miles 8-16 were 7:47 pace and my last 4.45 miles we low 7's...I felt very strong and comfortable until the last 2 miles when my toes started cramping but I think that was because I was running at a faster pace! 
I made sure to hydrate well and foam roll after this run...Then I got called into work until 4 am!!  Talk about a marathon day!

Wednesday: BODYPUMP...This was tough especially the day after a long run but I think taking this class helps me get my strength training in and the time flies by!  I was very distracted by a lady behind me who was using very heavy weight and very, very poor form...I am not sure of proper gym etiquette on this situation but I chose not to say anything to her about it but it seemed very unsafe and I was concerned that she was going to injure herself!

Thursday:  Speed session...Long slow warm up 5 miles @ 7:41 pace then 3 x 1000m repeats with 400m recovery between each on and a 2000m repeat that almost killed me!  I ended with 10.5 miles in 76 minutes.  Mentally the 1000m were tough for me since I wanted to stop after 800 meters...the final 200 meters were hard  forever!  At least I had our dinner date to look forward to during this run...We went out with Lauren and Scott and went to Cantwell's Tavern:

We always have the best time with Lauren and Scott!  Great friends + Great food = HEAVEN!

Friday:  Rest day and trip to the RnR Philly Expo.

Today:  Started off the day with my little guys soccer game, then a quick 4 mile run in 31:13 followed by my big guys football game!  And GORGEOUS weather!

2.5 hrs between games means rest time!
I LOVE Fall Weather!  Black & Yellow!!
Hope to see y'all in Philly tomorrow!!

Happy Running!

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