Sunday, September 8, 2013

I LOVE point to point running!

Over the Labor Day weekend we spent one last weekend at the beach and just enjoyed the HUMIDITY!  I had an 18 mile run on Sunday and as I have said before I have a love affair with beach running.  Since my parents beach place is almost exactly 18 miles from Rehoboth I thought it would be a #brilliantrun from Fenwick to Rehoboth.   Well, even at 6:30 am it was 96% humidity!  I set out and really tried to control my pace ( I tend to just go and go out to fast ) was my plan for the miles:

Miles 1-4.5 : 8:35pace
Quick drink and potty break in Bethany
Miles 4.5-9: 8:15-8:20
Hubby met me at Indian River bridge with water and encouraging words!!
Miles 9-12: 8:00-8:05
Hubby had a bottle of Nuun waiting for me
Miles 12-15: 7:45-7:50
Hubby had a ice cold water for me
Miles 15-18: 7:20-7:30
Finished run then met up with Lori and Sandra in Dewey who just ran a 5k!

 I am very happy with how this run went considering the temps and humidity!  I cannot thank my hubby enough for being my SAG crew on this run!  Without him this would have turned ugly fast!!

I also did the full 18 miles in my Wave Sayonara's because the above beauties have seen their last few miles!  I ALWAYS wear my Wave Riders for my distance runs and the above pair only has 282 miles on them ( which is low for me ) but they feel like they are shot.  I can normally get about 400-450 miles on my running shoes.  This makes me really sad but we have had many great miles together!

So MCM training is well under way and I am starting to get very excited for cooler weather running!

I hope everyone enough their Labor Day weekend and this past week!

Happy Running!

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