Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Birthday Week!!!

We are in full on celebration mode in our household!!!  Today is this dudes 9th birthday:
My baby turned 9 today!!  He is becoming such an amazing young man and I just love him to pieces!
And yesterday was my other baby's 6th birthday!!!!!  Yup they are one day apart!

Too cool!!  Fresh new birthday kicks!

Oh My!!!
I feel very blessed that I have two amazing boys that keep me going and I just love them so much!

On Monday I had my longest training run yet....22 miles in 2:48:01....I am very pleased with this run!
Not only was it my longest run since the NJ marathon in May but it was also very VERY hilly...I ran the first 11.6 miles on my own and then Dawn and Angel met me for the second part of my run.  The weather was perfect, my legs felt great, my mind was exactly where I needed it to be and I was focused!  I absolutely love running out in Fairhill and find the long steep hills an exciting challenge.  I finished the final 10.4 miles in 1:19:51 .... This was the run I needed to boost my confidence and really made me excited for MCM next month.  Look at this beautiful view from my run:

I also was super happy to be running with my girls again:
Post run quick change of clothes in the gas station!
This is my cheesy happy grin I couldn't get rid of post run...PERFECT!

After our run we ventured up to Whole Foods and inhaled the salad bar like champs.  I was way to hungry to take any pictures!

Yesterday I ran a few easy recovery miles...3.5 to be exact.  They were a little faster then I expected but it was such a great night for a run.  Mile 1: 7:56, Mile 2: 7:46, Mile 3: 7:29 and .5 in 3:15.

Today I was post work and my birthday boys had a half of day at school which means no sleep for me...My run was less then stellar.  5.6 miles in 43:54...Just wasn't feeling it today and my body told me NOPE!

Oh well time to go continue celebrating my boys birthdays! 

Who is going to Boston 2014??  Finally confirmations went out today!  YAY

Happy Running!

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