Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up!

Let Summer Vacation begin!!  I now have a 3rd grader and Kindergartner!  So this is what my past weekly workouts have looked like:

Monday:  I was craving some double digit miles for sure...So I did 10.6 in  82 mins and felt amazing!  Then it was time for this to happen:

10" donated!
Bye Bye shaggy hair

 I told Loren I needed a change and boy did she give me one and I LOVE it!!!  She has been doing my hair for 14 yrs now and I have never been disappointed!
Tuesday:  Today was a random speed work day and I really did not have a specific plan so here is how it went down:
1 warm up mile @ 8:06
Varied repeats from 400 meters to 1600 meters with a quick recovery in between....I ended with a total of 8 miles in 58 minutes!  My new hair do got a little tricky especially with the lack of ponytail and sweat absorption!!  Sorry Benny is my sweat kept flinging on you...Oops!

Wednesday:  Big Preschool graduation today post midnight shift...

And NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!  So after a quick nap we all laced up and went out to the park and participated in various physical activity!  I ran a quick 1.25 miles in 8 mins while the boys and hubby played basketball!  I have realized I am NOT so great at basketball so I will stick to lacrosse and running!
Thursday:  I met one of the newest trainers at the Y and he offered to help me out with my "pathetic" back strength!   I was nervous/excited for this and really looked forward to his advice.  I started with a 1 mile warm up in 8:12 then we got to lifting!  He had me do 5 different back exercises then triceps and abs!  Boy my triceps felt the burn....I really like his sport specific training and his approach to working the complete muscle group!  I hope to be the strongest me by the end of the summer!

Since my oldest son had baseball practice and there was a beautiful lonely track by his field that was calling my name...I decided to do a little track speed work!  Warm up .50 mile then 400 meter repeats with fast recovery lap for a total of 3 miles in 20:12 followed by a few cool down laps!   Total 4 miles in 30 mins.  This was a nice little evening workout!

Friday:  POURING RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I physically and mentally was not into this run today! 
Just basically "got through" it 4.75 miles in 35 minutes.   At least today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!  Seems a little ironic that National Running Day and National Donut Day are in the same week?!?!  Hope you all enjoy you Friday!

If you are looking to race please come out and run with my running club at the Race to Find a Cure in Middletown, DE and Saturday... starts at 8:15 @ Silver Lake.  Or if you are down the beach join Races2Run on Sunday for the 7th Annual Dewey Beach Liquors at the Cork 5K  which starts at 8 am!
LOVE these PROBALLS from the Rudder
 This was one of the post race treats served at the Rusty Rudder and it was delicious!!  So if you are racing at the beach you will have to try these out!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Happy Running!


  1. Where'd you get that proball?? I'm in North Carolina and have been searching everywhere!

  2. I want the proballs too. I can't find them