Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Delaware Mud Run Jr.

My boys are SO excited to run in the Mud Run Jr. tonight at Frightland!  My oldest son decided a few weeks ago he wanted to come up with a team name and make t-shirts when he told me his idea I was overwhelmed with emotion.  He wants to remember those injured/killed in Boston so he came up with this:

Say it with your best Boston accent!!!  And the back:
We will always remember 04-15-13. 

I will post after pics when we get back from the mudpits!

For me this week I have been dodging rain storms left and right but still getting in high quality workouts! 

Monday:  I got up bright and early to take Ashley's BodyPump class....Holy QUADS!!  I then went for a 6.25 mile run @ 7:02 pace.  My legs felt nice and heavy the whole time but I figured this is what the last 6.2 of a 26.2 feel like so suck it up and run! 

Tuesday:  I decided to cross train on the stair machine since my legs feel like I ran a marathon today!  I did 50 minutes on the stairmonster and was a sweaty beast when I go done.  I always forget how hard this machine is!  I also did 10 minutes of core work before my little guys swim class.

Wednesday:  Still having some muscle soreness from Monday but once I warmed up my legs felt great.  I did an 8 mile progression run today that went like this:

Mile 1:  8:19
Mile 2:  8:06
Mile 3  7:30
Mile 4: 7:23
Mile 5: 7:13
Mile 6: 7:03
Mile 7: 6:47
Mile 8: 6:30

Felt strong during the middle miles and could have kept going but swim lessons were calling my little guys name!  Followed up by taking a dip in the pool...Now time to go watch the boys get muddy!!!

Anyone else doing the kids mud run??

Happy Running!

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