Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wacky Weather and Spirit of the Marathon II

Oh my goodness this weather has been crazy!  Monday we had to "take shelter" at the Y due to a tornado and now today the sky was soooooo dark and gloomy this morning now its sunny and hot!   CRAZY!  On Monday I was able to squeeze in 8 miles just under 60mins before we had to clear out of the gym and take shelter in the gym...this freaked the boys out a lot!  Luckily we did not have any damage from the tornado or storm but it was too close for my liking. 

Tuesday:  I had to work 2 midnight shifts so today was a rest day.. but I did manage to do my PT stuff and core work....I need to really step up my core exercises!  I also finally had the nerve to open this baby and read it:
As I was reading through this I kept getting overwhelmed with emotions and it really hit me just how close we were to everything!!  65 feet from where Chase was in the hotel with my parents and my friend Debbie on the corner of Boylston and Exeter....Just seeing the pictures and where the bombs went off made me count my blessings again!  I think Runner's World did an amazing job with this issue and I will save it forever.  My BFF sent me a text this same day saying she will never delete this text message she has on her phone:
This means more to me than I can explain!

Wednesday:  Tempo 10...My plan today was to start this run off on the slower end and to have a negative split at the end.   So here are my mile splits:
Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 8:19
Mile 3: 8:06
Mile 4: 8:00
Mile 5: 7:47
Mile 6: 7:35
Mile 7: 7:23
Mile 8: 7:03
Mile 9: 6:53
Mile 10: 6:40

I finished this run feeling like I could have just kept going and going!  LOVE it! 
So to finish off a fantastic day Angel and I went to see Spirit of the Marathon II with a group of MAC runners!  This movie was so inspirational and got me thinking of what my future racing goals are.   I have to laugh because normally in movies there is a ton of popcorn chomping and soda slurping but NOT in a theater filled with marathon runners!!!!  

Today was a lifting/core day for me...I am really trying to be good with this cross training and strengthening because when  I start my MCM training cycle I want to be in tip top shape! 

I am working this weekend so no races for me but there is the 23rd Run the Westside Way on Saturday June 15th @ Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington starting at 8:30am and the 26th Paul Schlosser Memorial Sprint Triathlon at St. Andrews School on Sunday June 16th....And if you are down south there are a lot of races to enjoy...10th Annual Georgetown Library 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Walk on Friday June 14th @ 7pm, 3rd Irish Eyes 5K Dash (Irish Eyes in Milton, DE) Saturday June 15th @ 8 am,  and 22nd Fathers Day 5k Run (Rehoboth Ale House, Rehoboth, DE) Sunday June 16th @ 7:30 am!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Anyone else see Spirit of the Marathon?

I wanted to send a HUGE CONGRATS to my Chiropractor and the birth of his beautiful TWIN GIRLS!!!  And also another HUGE CONGRATS to Jess @ blondeponytail for the birth of her gorgeous baby girl! 

Happy Running!

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