Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013....

I still cannot wrap my head around the past few days and the horrific events that have occurred.  I want to first send my thoughts and prayers out to the families of Martin Richard , Krystle Campbell , and Lu Lingzi and to all those injured by the bombings. 

I had finished the race with a time of 3:33:16 and was able to see and meet up with my hubby, little guy and Angel before heading into the massage/chiropractic area.  My oldest son and parents went up to our hotel room at The Lenox which is right there on Boylston St. with a view of the 2nd bomb explosion.  My friend Debbie was still standing on Boylston waiting to see our friend Dawn finish her first Boston Marathon and she saw everything.  I cannot explain to you the feeling I had when my husband told me there has been a bombing at the finish line and not knowing where my boys were at that exact moment and knowing how close my family and friends still were to the explosions.  I am so thankful that we were all able to find each other and be together as so many other families were not able to get ahold of loved ones.  Cell service was stopped and many of us had very little battery left on our phones.  Our hotel was on lock down as well as our car.  My #1 focus was to protect my boys and get them to safety...but also having the feeling that nowhere was safe.

The Boston Marathon emergency medical personnel and Boston Police and armed forces acted so quickly and calmly!  They are all truly hero's and went above and beyond to ensure safety!!! 

The past week of events has been unbelievable, scary and seems like a nightmare.  I have been glued to CNN and have not been able to sleep.  I am so glad they caught the one suspect and that he is alive.  Hopefully we can get some answers as to why they would do such a horrible thing to innocent people. 

Praying for Boston and all those affected by these two monsters!

Happy Running!

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