Friday, April 12, 2013

Boston Bound

What a wacky week we have had here in DE... 80+ degree weather!!  I loved the heat but I forgot how much harder it is to run when it is 86* when you are use to 30-50* days.  We have had a few lacrosse games this week so that has been keeping me busy and my mind off of tapering!  I have to admit my body does not like taper week...everything starts to ache and I get very restless.  My left hip flexor has been on fire since Sunday's 9.25 miler.  I have been icing, stretching and foam rolling like crazy so I hope it holds out until after Boston on Monday!  I am all packed and ready to go but sad a HUGE part of Team Stacey Black will not be going to beantown this year!  We will miss you greatly Scott and Lauren but give our little man Luke a big kiss from us! 

I am super excited to meet my other Oiselle teammates as well as catching up with FEETURES! at the expo!  I will be stopping by Mizuno for sure to check them out and share my love for a Brilliant Run! 

Today I made sure to take it easy and do quick   slow 5 miles in 40 minutes then went to see my PT friend to get all fixed up before leaving.  Rock Tape followed by a massage at Camp Chiropractic is exactly what I needed! 

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Who else is heading to Boston??

Happy Running!

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