Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oiselle Bird Camp!!!

Hello there!!!  Our summer has been pretty amazing so far and tomorrow it get even better for me.  I will be leaving the East Coast and heading to the West Coast for camp.  Yup... this camp is going to be spectacular!  I will be with a ton of my Oiselle teammates and surrounded by amazing female athletes from all over the US.  This will be my first time flying by myself and being by myself EVER!  I am going to miss these boys so bad:

And this guy:

But I know I will have an amazing experience and I cannot wait!!

I am almost completely packed and I have all my Oiselle gear but my Marty Bikini top is missing!!!  What the heck ... in a house full of boys I doubt one of them borrowed it.  We all have been searching hi and low and fingers crossed we find it!

See y'all when I get back!!

Happy Running!

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