Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What If Everybody Ran?? Mizuno ...

As you may know I am a huge Mizuno fan and I seriously love each and every one of my Mizuno sneaks! Not only do I love their shoes but the company as a whole is AMAZING!  Mizuno does not just support the FASTEST or the GREATEST athletes but EVERYBODY not matter your speed or mileage!  My life and training has been improved and inspired through this company and I am in love with their latest campaign:
 IF EVERYBODY RAN!  What would the world be like if everybody ran?  How would we be different?


Today Mizuno released their research findings!!!  Pretty amazing info:















I have to agree with each and every single one of these!  I know through running I have made so many friends and have had some of the greatest moments in my life while running.  Look at all the positives to lacing up and starting!   The hardest part is taking that first step/stride...We have the power to make a change and impact on our future!!  If you are afraid just know to believe in yourself and your body will follow!  More Smiles, More Birthdays, More Sunrises, Better Sleep, Less Hospital Visits ... Lets do it and be the change!!

Happy Running!!

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