Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mother Nature and Myrtle Beach Marathon

Here we go again!  I have to just laugh anymore and enjoy this winter adventure!  I am running the Myrtle Beach Marathon this Saturday as a training run for Boston in April ... On the bright side it is just a training run and NOT a goal race so I am not stressing too much about it .. BUT I am a planner and I like to get to my race location and have time to get situated before race day and with all this dang snow that may not be the case!!!  

I normally would not be running a full marathon this close to Boston but my hubby is playing in a softball tournament down there this weekend and the marathon runs right past where we are staying .. so I decided to sign up and get my miles in!

I really did not taper much for this race and am curious to play around with my strategy a little during the run.  I really want to focus on pacing and controlling my speed early on in the marathon.

So this week I did:

Monday:  8.25 miles in 62 minutes and then decided to do BodyPump with Nicole!!  My muscles are going to hate me!  I am really trying hard to keep up with the lifting!  I also had a much need Chiropractor appointment today and love that feeling of proper alignment!

Tuesday:  After all of that Monday and working all night today's workout was very tough!  7.3 in 55 minutes and felt like I ran 50 miles!  OUCH.

Wednesday:  I took the day off from running and did 70 minutes on the Stair Monster!

I have a huge love/hate relationship with this bad boy!  I get an amazing workout and feel great when done but my goodness while I am doing it I always question my fitness level!  I did the "mystery" option and it was filled with speed and hills galore!

Ok so since we will have an even longer drive to Myrtle Beach I did make Danny and I some homemade PB protein bars:

I added raisins and chocolate chips to one side

Fingers crossed and prayers said we make it there!

Anyone else running Myrtle Beach??

Happy Running/Sledding/Snuggling!

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